Sweeter than sugar

It happens sometimes that you meet some people that really makes you smile so much!! This is what’s happening to me lately on SL…I have some new friends: bloggers I didn’t know they are from my same nation whch made me so happy, and designers that really made me smile for their kindness. I know probably these are very “little” things, but a smile is never a little thing in my opinion..

One of the designers I was talking about is S2Marie, creator of Mariko‘s skins. The one I’m wearing now is Sulli2, the last released from her brilliant mind, which comes in 6 makeups packs each one with 2 skin tones.

This lovely tank top is a surprising release from Eaters Coma, known until now for beautiful hairs: the top is available in 16 colors, standard sizes from XXS to L, and normal and sheer options. I decided to pair this tank with this beautiful (must have) dress from Celoe.

I think you may have noticed my bow headpiece?? It is lovely, isn’t it?? It’s a new release from Nyu, avalable, with the bangles I’m wearing from Got,zche at a new accessories monthly event called L’accessoires. This lovely hair is one of the last releases from Truth, (which never fails to make lovelyness!!!) it is called Elsa and I’m wearing the roots fudge option.

The earrings are the new released item of LaGyo for The Dressing Room, and well, I’m so proud to have been the first “guest” of her vendors 🙂 Gyorgyna told me she will invite some of her friends to pose for her vendors, and I think it is a funny idea!! The earrings are available for 70L and have, like often for LaGyo items, a color-change menu with two options, black and white.

Skin: Mariko – Sulli2 (NEW)
Eyes: Rozena – Lively eyes soda
Hair: Truth – Elsa w/roots – fudge (NEW)
Headpiece: NYU – Bold Ribbon black (NEW at L’accessoires)
Top: Eaters Coma – Slashed tank/sheer/light blue (NEW)
Dress: Celoe – May dress glaze
Bangles: Gotzche wear. Plated cuff Marine

if you’re curious to see the before picture:



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